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Natural Sea Sponges From The Gulf Of Mexico and Caribbean


Tarpon Springs Sponge Company sells natural sea sponges from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean that are harvested from our own boats in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

About Us
We are a Greek family who for generations have been building sponge and fishing boats in Kalymnos, Greece. In 1973 our family came to Tarpon Springs, Florida and began building and repairing sponge and commercial fishing ships, eventually owning and operating our own ships, and producing sponges. After years of producing natural sea sponges from Gulf of Mexico for wholesale, we are offering natural sea sponges directly to the public!


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Natural Sea Sponge, Gulf of Mexico in Tarpon Springs, FL

The history of sponge diving derives primarily from the islands of Greece and the Mediterranean. The traditional center of the sponge diving industry is the Greek isle of Kalymnos, where our family originated. The waters near Kalymnos located in the south east Aegean Sea were once filled with sponge crops. Ancient writings by Plato and Homer refer to bathing sponges from this region. Thousands of years later, sponges in Greek waters were nearly extinct. 

From the late 1800's through the early 1900's, sponge crops were discovered in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. Immigrant sponge divers and their families began to move to Key West, and the Bahamas. Tarpon Springs, the earliest incorporated city in Pinellas County, also began producing sponges and Greek immigrants who harvested the abundant sponge crops found in the Gulf of Mexico moved in by the hundreds. It became a bustling city with Greek Orthodox churches and Greek restaurants, famous sponge auction houses, and a train system which connected the sponge producing city to the world. Eventually, Tarpon Springs became the worlds largest producer of natural sea sponges, and that history lives today at Tarpon Springs Sponge Company.